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Birdland Workday 7-16-13


The Bird Father:
All tee boxes have at least 1 large rock for use, thank you City of Olathe!

- All distances measured with the club's range finder.
- Hole 2 - Tee Box area cut and fairway lift
- Hole 3 - Tee Box area cut and dead limb out of fairway tree (partially)
- Hole 4 - Tee Box area cut and fairway lift
- Hole 5 - Tee Box area cut
- Hole 6 - Fairway lift
- Hole 10 - Fairway lift
- Hole 17 - Fairway lift
- Hole 18 - Fairway lift

Anyone with free time can take a weedeater out there and have a hay day or drag all dead limbs to one general location that is easy to get to for a city vehicle.  Especially holes 4,10 & 11.
Most of the trimming was with a pair of hand clippers and a pole saw...very little with chainsaw. The need for more trash cans was identified.  2 snakes were observed.


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