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7-19 Dubs

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Kelly Markum:
Random dubs tonight at legacy. Last chance to putt on discatchers with old rusty chain. Everyone needs to take notes on how many putts sneak out tonight & then compare it to next week with brand new chains. Let's get a distinctive answer on this whole basket catching discussion.  :P

Draw cards at 6, sending out cards immediately after. Next week the FTL is going to join us. We will have refreshments (a few of Palmers favorite beers Yeungling ), burgers & such, & a few cash $$$$  CTP's .

Flying J:
I'll be there tonight and hope I get no cut-throughs.

Kelly Markum:
Had 24 out but after a redraw fiasco a sixem decided to play homie golf & we went to 18peeps. Then the drama got real...We had a 4 way tie for 1st place at 46.  The 8 people in 1st place voted to do a CTP on hole 9 for winner take all. Jason M & Kyle Nix won $54...When I was getting my basket & leaving the other people on that scorecard asked to look at it & said that Jason M & Kyle had incorrect scores down for their round & really had a 47 making them not tied for 1st. I don't know if their is anything we can do at this point but whoever took the score down had all 3 teams getting a 2 on hole #5 & the two other teams said that was incorrect. It looks like scores for hole#5 never got taken down & then started taking hole 6 scores on the spot for hole 5. If this is true it really sucks for the people who won CTP to take it all if they shouldn't have been in it at all. I still consider my self a winner though because I had the most fun.  :o

$15 got in the Ace fund. Can I get an accurate ace fund total so I can start keeping track of that???

Now the stats:

Kyle & Jason ---46? / 47???? $54 winner take all
Paul B & Kelly ---46
Kevin W & Jordan H #1--- 46
Matt H & Levi R --- 46

Dan K & Gary ---47
Jose & Steve P ---47

Vince "The Gentleman" Como & Adam ---52

Tom V & Charles B ---53

Matt "Los Crutcheros" & Adam South ---54

Next week is the last Friday of the month & we will be teaming up with Friday Traveling League for a doubles extravaganza!!! The FTL crew is going to do their normal thing at 1pm, I will be starting to grill around 4:15-4:20 on Friday. Free Burgers, Free Beer to those who can make it. We will draw cards for doubles at 6pm & send cards out after. Do both if you can but just make sure you come out!!!!

Wow, that sounds like a mess.  I'm glad it wasn't me.  Glad you had fun though.  Sorry I couldn't make it to add to the drama. 

The best part of the night was that we had a club league, we threw plastic, some better than others, and I think most people had fun.

Kelly has done a great job taking the bull by the horn out there and took most of the circus in stride and head on.  I'm sure these lessons will continue to help him run a great league.

Looking forward to next Friday!


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