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I presume there's still league tonight?  What time are you sending out cards, Jack?

I am going to try to be there ~5:45, if someone wants to take money and write down names in advance I am ok with that as well.  But I am leaving for Oklahoma for work in the morning and have a few loose items to take care before league.

I will be there though.  I say we play the following tonight:
1-Practice basket
11-Practice Basket
18-Long Blue Practice Basket

I am going to try to move #17 short and then #10 to the middle placement as well for tonight.....unless we want to take a shot at the course a 3rd week in a row to see jut how different yet again the ratings can be.  (I can be easily swayed that direction as well, less work for me.....)

Honestly I'd like to play it maxed out (believe that's how you've got it). Been out of commission for a few months and don't know the last time I played 11 or 17 long.

ok, then we play the same course again thrice!  All Nickels are in play only.  No moving of the baskets at this time then.  I will start to move them more probably as I am finishing walking around tonight then.  So we may have people not starting on 1 or 2 tonight then so that I can move as we play.

In Oklahoma, and didn't bring the scoresheet, will update tomorrow the stats.  We had 10 players out, no ace hit, so ace is now over $400 to be at $405.


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