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The Bird Father:
PC was so riddled with trash last night it was very sad.  We have been spending all of our free time at Lakeside getting that course in tourney shape and seems like nobody has picked up the slack at PC.  Where is the KS pride?  Where are the KS homies that spend time on the course for work and not just play all the time?

The tee signs are in bad shape....Hole 2 the sign was completely ripped up and glass missing....several have missing top pieces.

Come on West side....can we get a little friendly help on the trash pick-up at least???

Seems vandals have also swiped the trash can from hole 2 & 15...also the bench from 2 was missing and the one on hole 12 has back rests missing.

john theiss:
i feel your pain.  the last couple years i focused a great deal of time at Wilbur Young, while William Yates was getting no love and being vandalized/overgrown.  It is hard for a small group of folks to take care of so many courses and makes you really sad when you go back and see something once nice looking so run down.  You can only do so much Andy or else you will get burned out. 

Yates is partially my fault as well, John.  I'm hopeful that we can do another workday this fall as it has been over a year since we had the last one.  Let's figure out a date once the weather gets a bit cooler and cut back some of the overgrowth.  I think the wooden tee signs are a hopeless cause.  It is evident that several have met the wrath of a baseball bat since they were installed.  Several are no longer existent.

Jake B:
I try to pick up as much trash as I can when I get out there at lunch. But it's been so hot lately that I haven't made it out as frequently. I noticed the missing bench/trashcan on 2 the last time I was there because I had to carry the trash I'd collected over to the picnic table shelter. I don't make it to the back very often, but I do try to get what I can on my front loop. Just an east sider trying to do my part.


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