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Old Settlers Open 2013 - August 31st

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This year is the 4th Old Settlers Open.  8)

We are excited to be using BOTH Olathe courses this year, and everyone will play one round at PC and one round at Lakeside Hills. The courses are only 5 minutes apart, and it should be a great day. You can sign up on-line, or in person on a Monday league, or at any of the DD retail stores.

If you can't play but want to be part of the event, we can use some volunteers spotting and doing water duty to, so just see me sometime in the next few weeks to let me know your availability.


Scott A Reek:
in case you needed more reason to attend the Old Settlers Open, here is 556 of them.  The Rolling Ace Pool from the KC Mini Series starts at $556, plus whatever is added from the $5 Ace Pool.  This Ace Pot could be pretty big for Old Settlers.

Just signed up, this should be another awesome event! 

I'm looking for spotters......

Registrations are starting to happen. Let's fill this puppy up.  :)

PC will be set in medium/easy difficulty, Bird will be as easy as always...  ;)


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