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7-26-13 Dubs

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Kelly Markum:
If you haven't heard by now here it is officially. Last Friday of the month is here & we are going to party it up. Friday Traveling league will be there starting at 1pm. I'm sure they will do all in tags, skins, & shots.  Then I will start grilling around 4pm ,  we will draw for dubs around 6pm & a couple fun things in between. I hope everyone can make it out.

Vince, Kevin, Steve, Anyone else who has a significant other that disc golfs:

Any of them up for BYOP Mixed-Dubs tonight?

Bianca will be there tonight. Not sure if she is playing.

Kelly Markum:
Good food + Good beer + Good people =  :)

Thanks to everyone who cam out last night. We had26 out for random dubs. Vince, Tom, & Kevin played mixed dubs with their own card....How did that go? Didn't get a scorecard for that rowdy bunch.

29 out for club festivities
19 in the ace fund

^^^Who do I get this club/ace money to? Can I get an exact total on the ace fund?

Pearce & Harold took it home with 8 under , Bowen & Steeler 1 stroke back, & the MO boys stole 3rd from them chicken hawkers

Pearce & Harold - 46 ($30)
Bowen & Steeler - 47 ($22)
Palmer & Burnet -49 ($16)
Jeff "O" & Andrew Walter - 50 ($10)

Dan K & Kelly "Nancy"  - 51
Paul Slingblade & Todd Corporal - 52
Matt "D is for distance" Dixon & Caleb B - 53
Michael J "FOX" & Tousalis - 54
Skeesh-N-Beans & Joel - 55
Dylan Puckhammer & Kel - 55
Jordan "Hippie" H #1 & Steve the F Post - 56
Johnny "Kage" & Bobby Deitz - 57
Matt "Los Crutcheros" Crutcher & Adam South -57

It was a great day/evening at Legacy!

Tom and Beth, Kevin and Laura, and Bianca and I played a very fun and competitive game of mixed doubles.  Winner take all, with a minimum of 6 drives used from each person were the rules. Pandora Springsteen Channel was filling the air and keeping us loose all night.

Highlight of the round was Bianca's 80 ft birdie putt on 7.

Scores were:


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