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Presume we're still good with a 6:00 start tonight?  Not sure that I'll make it out, but want to make sure start time is as normal if I'm able to join.


Small tournout for league last night.  Brandon Elkins ran it, but I don't believe he gets on the forum.  There were three in each division (Advanced, Masters, Open).  I can't speak for the other three divisions, but I believe our card was as follows:

Jordan - 51
Brandon - 60
Kelly - low 60's?

I'm bummed that not more people show up to this league.  The course is in great shape, the pins are set pretty normal, and we finish well before dark.  Shot of the night would've been Brandon's 100+ foot throw in on 15, but the Mach V spit low right like usual!  I presume league will start at 6:00 again next week; not sure when they move em back to 5:30.

Kelly Markum:
Kelly wasn't there...Nancy Markum shot a 61 though

Back to back birds to finish though, Nancy!  Well done!

doctor crush:
Well to answer to jordan I am now registered on the board and thought id get all the scores posted in from wednsday nights league.

9 people out tonight. Wasn't. A big turn out but hopefully we will get a better turnout next week...very nice night out beside the humidity but other than that 75degrees out and not any wind really at all

Jordan hinck- 51 $9
Brandon elkins- 60
Kelly markum- 61

Dan coffman- 55 $9
Paul beard- 57
Charles bryan- 60

Kyle nix- 62 $7 kc kash
Levi ?- 63 $4 kc kash
Parker niemeyer- 70

Good shotting guys hopefully see you guys next week and maybe even more.. but let's try to get more people out


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