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September 21-Work Day

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The Briar Cliff Neighborhood Association is tentatively planning a work day from 9-1, I would love to see a bunch of disc golfer out there to over shadow the folks that they have.

Please plan on this and I will get confirmation from them in the next few days, they were verifying the date at their board meeting tonight.

This group is spearheading a lot of energy in the park, and we want to show them that we are the force there, that we are the stewards of the park, and that we claim the park as one of our most sacred places to play.

Please plan on attending and helping out if you can accordingly.  I believe that this is Shunga Weekend, so I may be out myself, but would ask that if you can help, you do so and bring a friend for the morning as a sign of solidarity towards the betterment of the park!

They plan on removing dead branches, picking up trash, removal of dead limbs, etc.....



There are a ton of sizeable branches on holes 2, 3 and 5 we can repurpose if you know where they should go.

There was a board meeting last night for one of my courses?  That's nice to know.

Its that Patsy Evans and the group for the place that you couldn't find.  THey didn't ask that we attend, but I was talking with her about the grant that I was writing and gaining a letter of support for it....during those discussion she mentioned a work day date, and I asked that she keep us informed.

I haven't gotten confirmation yet on it.  Had they requested us being there, I would have let you know, but I didn't get a call from her until yesterday at 1.....hard to plan accordingly....

Trying to build some support on this day folks, who can help out with organization of showing our love for this course?  We have a few events I know, but we also want to prove to the City and the Neighborhood that we can collectively build a better plan with our resources.  We have close to 700 people a week play out there, can you find time to give a few hours to help improve the course?


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