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Props to Tom and the gang. Lakeside is looking and playing awesome. The new pads make a huge difference to the pleasure of playing, plus holes and fairways are becoming well established.

Got out to Olathe Lakeside Hills for the first time today.  I am very impressed.  Well done Olathians!

I was out this morning first time since concrete tees. Amazing. The added length on 14 and 15 are very nice. The redesign on 3 is great. Cant wait to play this at club championships. I also like the big rocks by every tee. Excellent course.

The course just keeps looking better! We ran into Tom and Deano the other day moving some baskets around to their NEW HOMES! #11 is now an awesome, somewhat tight ace run with a drop off behind it! There are a couple others recently moved out there, but you'll just have to go check it out to see.

Yep Played the new placements yesterday morning, Fantastic. The new placement on #16 got love some tough distance. Excellent course, should be fun at club championships.


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