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I got a new name for Lakeside

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It ain't Birdland anymore......it's Burrland.   :P

Threw a disc into the brush on the right side of 17.  Got my disc back after looking for 10 minutes....and came out with hundreds if not thousands of burrs all over me.  Won't be throwing over there anytime soon. 


--- Quote from: TPalmer on August 13, 2013, 11:02:47 AM ---It ain't Birdland anymore......it's Burrland.   :P

--- End quote ---

Wow, I can confirm this!  Played there for the first time Saturday.  Took me about 2 hours to play and 2 and 1/2 hours to pick off all of the burrs! 

I gotta chime in here.....This is a NEW course, and these things will take time to eradicate.  Also with all the moisture that we have gotten this year, plantlife is reproducing at alarming rates.  I have been pulling them off me at Cliff over the last few weeks with the work that I have been doing, and it is simply a matter of time before these areas don't have as many attempts to reproduce as you would like.

This is a NEW course, it will take time to beat down to the likes of a Rosedale where over 1000 people play a week.  Once that happens, then you can complain that all the cool places that we have to play are over populated!


i'm sure with more play and practice the deuces will come, and then you can call it birdland proudly. burrland sounds too much like the course in Antarctica, brrrrrrrrland!


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