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8/13/13 Mini

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We had 5 out for a great evening of disc.  We put a temporary basket on an island in the middle of the road intersection past the long position of hole 3.   This was a pretty tough par 4 but Joe and Carl had no problems getting sweet ups and sweet 30 foot putts for birdies.

We decided to let the winner pick a temporary basket position for next week.  I think Joe mentioned he would like to see a dog leg right on 3, but its his call! 


PlayerScoreCarl Pledger
Matt Jenkins
Joe Hesting
Steve Thimmesch
Jon Causey

My first time all the way through SMP.  Definitely not a fluff course.  I had a bit of trouble with the trees and a few missed puts.  None the less, I had a blast and might just have to add SMP to the Tuesday rotation.

You put a basket on the island without me???  :'(

We waited to 6:01 for you to show... 

If you come win league you can place the basket back there!   

We played all grass on the island was in bounds.  This allows you to skip off the road towards the island, hit the inner wall and stay safe. 

However, if you wanted to be really evil you would play the inner wall only was in bounds.   :D

 What is the distance on that island shot Steve? 


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