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Community Harvest in the Park Disc Golf Tournament - 10/5 at Cliff Drive

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Kevin Montgomery:
The KCFDC is partnering with Jerusalem Farm to provide a fun disc golf tournament at their community outreach event Community Harvest in the Park. This will be a fun event with food, games, music and disc golf.


I will try to find the answers to that Rob, I don't think that it will be that much at all.....

Some more information on the event....

Looks to be Doubles Scramble style with a flex start.  Will probably use a Hybrid Lion's Den configuration, playing very similar practice 1, 2 from road, through exisiting-7, then play as the LDO did last year, where after throwing to #14, we play from the road to #15 under the tree, and then to regular #16 short, then from #17 pad to #18 basket.  So it will be LDO 2012 style for those in the "know"

Deleted old information, read below for more accurate information from the event managers!!

More information as it evolves, but this is where things are moving right now.  A more controlled event at Cliff Drive that will be a Lion's Den feel in some respects.

Kevin Montgomery:
Here is a link to the event registration page. This sounds like it's going to be a good time.

Here's a link to a sponsorship form too:


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