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Water Works League - 08/15/2013

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TJ Ring hits an ace on Hole # 4!

Ace fund is $664 for this week, so TJ Wins $312 (- $20, you're a club member now :) )

Ace fund will be $332 going forward folks!

Nice shooting Shanan! wow.


--- Quote from: Utz on August 16, 2013, 04:42:36 PM ---Nice shooting Shanan! wow.

--- End quote ---

He really did shoot well. He had a putt on one that skipped off the cage and rolled down the hill for bogey too.

Also of note, Amando would have won Advanced, tied for 2nd in Masters, and been one out of the money in Open!

Nice ace TJ!!

Yeah, Amanda tore it up. She had a nice park job on hole 8 too!

Kevin Montgomery:
Amando is on a roll. She also schooled five of us on the mini course at the LDO. I think she tied for second over-all for the event with a 52 and was seven strokes ahead of the next score on our card of six, Ted with a 59.  Nice shooting Amanda!


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