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Lost Valk at the LDO - Cliff Drive


Kevin Montgomery:
Lost my beloved fly-dyed SE Valkyrie on #11 at Cliff Drive during the LDO today. Came out early and too high and the wind got under it and carried it left and likely into the reservoir but maybe into the fence and thus the thick greenery growing thereon. Looked inside and out and didn't find it at the time.

It has the 2002 Worlds Biggest stamp on it and it should have my initials and PDGA# on it - KM - #12037 and a bunch of signatures from an ace back in 2010. Its safe return would be much obliged and greeted with some type of appropriate reward.

Full disclosure - This in no way detracted from the outstanding time I had with the great crowd and tunes and fun times at the LDO!!   8)


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