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Upcoming Workdays for Cliff Drive



As I have indicated there are going to be more and more groups working to make Cliff Drive something very special.  We started a lot of the noticing on the park and though it has ha beauty way before we got there, our work in making progress towards the efforts of helping to reclaim the park are being met with swift action.  As such here are some dates with organizations that are planned to build and work on the park to improve the quality of it all.


Like Jack said earlier - there's plenty to do without having to work through the Disc events....

IMPORTANT - PLEASE send Will or I any dates that you or your group has park stuff planned for.  This is another one of those situations that with everyone on the same page, we'll get a lot more accomplished in the long run.  I applaud everyone's vigor and enthusiasm, but we MUST start coordinating events like this between each other BEFOREHAND - especially in this Phase 1 of park redevelopment, ERTA, KCCC, and KCFDC user groups will all be intermingling very soon on the west side of the park.  Days like these are fantastic, but can be made all the more better if we can include everyone (ie: no prior scheduled tournaments, races, events, etc).  I know Jack would MUCH rather be out cutting and treating honeysuckle versus chucking discs :D

Coordinated work throughout the west end of the park will not only benefit us, but legitimize our redevelopment efforts in the eyes of the naysayers.  A lot more gets noticed by the average person when we have 75 people working under the same goal versus 3 different goals (ie: clean crags, build trail, eradicate honeysuckle - to me, even as an ERTA Trail Steward, these three ACTIONS should support the one overarching GOAL of Park Restoration).

For everyone's reference - below are our planned "Community Work Days" for this season.  Obviously, each group will have their own workdays in addition, but we want these days to rally the community around and get some major work done!!!

September 21 - 9 AM
October 19 - 9 AM
November 23 - 9 AM
December 21 - 9 AM
January 18 - 9 AM
February 22 - 9 AM
March 22 - 9 AM
April 12 - 9 AM
May 3 - 9 AM
June 7 - (National Trails Day) - 9 AM

We will be working on the courses on these days as well as helping the areas that are being worked on.  I would encourage anyone reading this to take charge and help to envision an even better Cliff Drive Disc Golf Complex in the future.  These organizations are supportive in the efforts to bring another disc golf course to Cliff Drive, and our coordinated efforts will enable us all to have a wonderful place of enjoyment in the confines of one of Kansas City's most beautiful parks.

I look forward to making the course better, improving the existing areas, and expansion on the current course to make everyone's disc golf experience event better in Kansas City.


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