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Hello Guys,
New to the sport. And wanting to know where the supply store downtown is. And is there video that would help me not look totally lost on the courses? Not sure of some of the terminology and practices. Thank you, Any help would be appreciated.

There are two stores in downtown area - Dynamic Disc and Disc Gold World.  Just google to find directions.  You can buy some excellent videos there - the Champions Way with Felberg and Climo.  Name might not be correct?  ???

Here is a free video that might help.

Disc Golf Tips and Technique: Driving with Dan Beto

Good luck and welcome. 

Flying J:
The guy in the video has no follow through and the video is not an entertaining way to learn how to play. 

Best bet is to go to youtube, type in PDGA, and press enter.  Watch these videos.  These are the world's best. 


Thanks for the info. I will try and find the stores soon. So if you see a old biker looking guy on the courses be patient with him. It might be me. LOL I really need something to keep me busy and my work keeps me away a lot. So I needed something really flexible on days to play. Thanks again

Here are the addresses to the Disc golf shops here in the metro area:

Disc Golf World
509 E. 18th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Phone: 888-237-6884

Dynamic Disc Kansas City
2854 West 47th Street
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: 913-738-6908

Also, a good series of educational videos is the 'Discmainia: Deep in the Game' on YouTube. It was a big help for me when I was trying to learn more.

Another great way to learn is by joining one of the weekly leagues. I like the friday traveling leagues, myself. Our community is great for teaching newer players. You can always post on here to see of there is anyone that would like to meet you for a round :)


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