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ICE BOWL 2014 - January 25th and 26th

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The dates will be January 25th and 26th I am sure, lets break some records this year!  Who is with me on this?

Look for online registration soon at For now, please download a registration form. You can pre-register at either Disc Golf World or Dynamic Discs. More information is on the form.

$10K and 500 Players for the 2014 Kansas City Ice Bowl

The Kansas City Ice Bowl is held every year in January at Rosedale Park. Its purposes are raising funds to fight hunger, having fun, and connecting our disc golf community in a positive way to the community at large. Our goals this year are to have 500 participants and to raise $10000 for our traditional charities: the Bishop Sullivan Center’s St James Food Pantry and Harvesters: the Community Food Network.

While the emphasis of the KC Ice Bowl is on charity and fun, we want as many disc golfers to play at least one, and hopefully, both rounds. This is how it works. You need to post an 18-hole score on either of Rosedale Park’s courses to qualify to play the nine-hole final round. Here’s when you can get your 18-hole round in:

Saturday, 9 pm: Shotgun start: Rosedale Top Course.
Saturday, 1 pm: Shotgun start: Rosedale Top Course
Saturday, 8am – 3pm: Flex start: Down Under
Sunday, 8am – 10 am: Flex start: Top or Down Under

For the shotgun starts, groups are limited to six per tee. The Ice Bowl tournament director, Ben Crosby, will do his best to accommodate all requests to play with your buds.

For the flex starts, especially on Sunday morning, please limit groups to five players. You can choose your own group or we will help you find one. Please note that to play the Sunday’s afternoon nine-hole final round, you need to turn your first-round  scorecard in no later than 12:30 pm.

Unlimited mulligans are for sale to be used during the first round only. Their use is highly encouraged as all mulligan proceeds go to our charities. In fact, we challenge you to buy an Ice Bowl Championship!

For the nine-hole second round, cards are determined by ranking players according to their first-round scores. This means that you'll likely be very closely matched (or at least have very similar scores) with others on your card. Players will be told which nine holes to play (top 1-9, top 10-18, DU 1-9, DU 10-18. The player on each card with the best total score wins a DX disc. The person with the lowest 27-hole score keeps the traveling trophy for a year.

The names on the KC Ice Bowl trophy include CD Steiner 1998, Laron Harris 1999, Todd Henry 2000 & 2002, Al Schack 2001, Mike Davis 2003, Brant Pfister 2004, Bobby Villarreal 2005, Brad Meyrs 2006, Otto Spiers 2007, Bryan Guthrie 2008 & 2012, Nick Winkelbauer 2009, Cecil Cameron 2010, Leo Daprato 2011, Eric McCabe 2013.

Potluck Lunch/Chili Contest
One of the wonderful traditions of the KC Ice Bowl is bringing food to share, especially chili. Those who bring chili are automatically entered into the Chili Contest, which awards a grand prize. Please let Rhonda Crosby know at 785.424.3672 or that you’re bringing chili and/or other food to share.

Prizes for the Closest-to-the-Pin Contest or Raffle
We depend on donated prizes for the CTP contest, such a new discs, clothing, gift certificates, or most anything that people might like to win. You Here’s a sponsorship form to solicit prizes or cash donations.

Contact Information: About the competition: Tournament Director Ben Crosby: 785.393.1555 or contactbencrosby@gmail. About sponsorship, donations, merchandise, or registration issues: Rick Rothstein: 816.471.3472 or 816.914.0094 or


I can't wait to do my first Ice Bowl!!!

Do we have a beer sponsor?  Brian Buckingham who used to be with 23rd St. Brewery in Lawrence and who donated a keg for 2012 is now at a new  brewery in North KC called Cinder Block Brewery.  I would think they would be interested.

Tallgrass probably would, but I was a little surprised how early we ran out last year.  The 'supply' was much lower than the 'demand'.

A few of us have talked about brewing some various homebrews as well if there was interest in it.


--- Quote from: robm on September 29, 2013, 07:15:48 PM ---Tallgrass probably would, but I was a little surprised how early we ran out last year.  The 'supply' was much lower than the 'demand'.

--- End quote ---

The demand will always be larger than the supply when you are talking about free beer and discgolfers.

I was kind of think of the significance of the separation of supply & demand.
It was awfully nice last year which made for a larger turnout.


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