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Friday Travel League 9/13/13.......Cliff Dr. Pre-TLC

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Come one come all.  Bring some bags for a little trash pick up.

I will donate .25 to TLC for every tree hit off the tee. Anyone wanna match that?

As always .25 skins and all in tags.

Ace fund is $266.  $1 get you a shot at half.

Lets start this thing at 9am. Or a little after.  Text 785 393 7064 if youre coming late.

I also have a $20 donation from a lost bet.  C/o Jordan H.  I couldn't stay within 10 strokes and he was cool enough to say keep it.  So I guess I'll pay the TLC fund.

I might be able to play in the TLC, who can I give the $$ to??

You guarantee your spot by stopping by or calling Dynamic Discs - Kansas City.

I will be attempting to make traveling league by the time u guys start on friday morning but i'm not sure if i can yet.  i will definitely be thru there by the time you guys finish and you could give me the money then if its not already full.

DDKC Scott Reek:
Who is all going to this?  I am pretty sure I will be there.

I'm home sick with the crud, but if I feel better I'll be there.

it is my intent to tee at 9 am


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