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9/10/2013 Mini - Next week start @ 5:45


We had 8 out.  Apparently, most of us forgot how to play with a slight breeze.

A lot of the tall grass was baled up which gave us the opportunity to put the temp basket on a long left position for hole 4.  This ended up being a tricky hole.  The average score ended up being 5 on it.

Here is the scoring break down:


Since I didn't have KC Cash we did a Pro1 & Pro2.

Carl P - 56 - $6
Mark - 56 - $6
Steve T - 57
Pat W - 59

Ben L - 60 - $10
Anthony - 61 - $2
Bill - 64
Jim 74

How about that birdie by Steve T. on hole 10?  That was awesome!  10 was on the long setting and the hole is heavily tree'd.  That didn't stop Steve from parking a sweet roller.

Peter Bures:
Steve got #10 with a roller? Damn I wish I was there.


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