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9/12 new players league

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League will start at 5:45 this week. Racing the sun from here on out.

You know, it might help if we didn't play as a group of like 7-8! :)

That's just because everyone wants to be on your card. And six is the max.

The Bird Father:

--- Quote from: Aaron on September 12, 2013, 06:38:45 AM ---That's just because everyone wants to be on your card.

--- End quote ---

Cuz Palmer is easy to beat!!!   :o ;D

Had eight show for league. We had TWO cards and finished before we lost light.

Cory- 54
Brian- 55
Aaron- 56
Jeff- 57
Boone- 58
Nathan- 61
Daniel- 63
Winston- 66

CTP was won by Brian , he chose a Discraft Xpress.
After league we had a kick ass glow round. Thanks Winston for supplying all the glow sticks. We had nine play glow, I ended up with the lowest score 57 and I walked away with $145.


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