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Friday Traveling League 9/20/2013 - midrange challenge Swope 1pm

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Hey all, I should be back for FTL this week. Back cracker in the morning, and hopefully tee time at 1pm.

Is anyone up for a trip to Topeka? We could play any of the three courses ready for the Mighty Shunga.

Or, in prep for Buzzz vs. Roc (in conjunction with Dan H. idea), we could do a midrange challenge at Swope. Similar format as Buzzz vs. Roc, but you can use any brand midrange, and only that style disc for the whole round.

Only a day and a half to respond, so let me know what you think soon.

tags all in
Ace Fund above $260? (exact count coming)
.25cent skins

I think ace fund is at $273. I have $9 from the last 2 weeks.

Hmmm, it seems like folks are burnt out on disc golf????

Many leagues are down in numbers the last couple of weeks.
Tournament turn outs are low too.

Or is it just the end of the season and the lack of day light.

I may be able to make a 1PM round at Swope.  Can you refresh me on the pay format? Skins? 

A midrange-only round is something I need to do anyways.

I am a fan of the 9 am tee time


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