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Charles B:
I, and I am sure several others who play this course regularly would like to have some of the baskets moved. With the fading daylight, I think several of the baskets should be moved to their shorter/easier placements. I am more than happy to assist with any moves since I know what a pain some of these baskets are to move.

I SECOND THIS!!! BIG TIME!! i've never seen a course with two pin placements on most of the holes, NEVER get moved. in my opinion it should be a weekly or every other week thing. if it's a time or logistics thing, i am more than happy to help as well. i live less than a mile away from the course. most of the people out here know me too. are they looking for someone new to run league? i think i'd be a decent fit if they are. or if the current person running it just needs a little help, i'm here.   Joe H.

John has just had his first child.  I don't know if moving baskets is at the top of his list.  He has given a key to someone so the baskets can be moved.  I will check with John and see what is going on.  Thanks for letting me know about this.

john theiss:
I am sorry that i have not been able to do more out there.  Spending any free hour at Liberty and trying to give those on East side another sweet course to play.

By the way, there are  places in the US that have two seasonal places (summer and winter) and baskets do not get moved until season changes and the parks do the basket moving.  we/i have slacked in moving baskets. 

i understand your frustrations, but weekly movement might be a bit much to ask of a person.  every couple weeks yes. 

Moving baskets is a job and thanks for offering to move them and offering to step up to run league.  Please contact  Ben about running league.  League Director will have the keys to ensure course is set up how they want it.  I would meet you tonight but i am on baby duty till 9pm.  I can meet you out there is weekend and we can move however many your back can handle.   

PM please to help move baskets.  Sat or Sun morning is best.

CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY JOHN!!! PM sent, just let me know. ;D


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