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Hello just wanted to know if it was short or long...


Is this set in short or long? thanks...

It's Blue Valley.  Play it long or play it short or even choose which pin to play when you get to the pad.

Mike Hyzer:
Yep, you can play big BV, or BV Lite, or shrink it down even more by playing BV #1, then the Junior 9, then BV #3-#10 back to the parking lot. 8)

Cool thanks!!!  :D

Well there are a few missing to play the short other than the 2 and 6 unless I just didn't under stand the map very probable lol any hoot I was going to report the missing baskets but someone else beat me to the punch really I'm surprised more are not missing out there lol. Ended up leaving and going to legacy...damn metal scrappers how much could they really get out of a basket anyway 5 bucks...


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