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Hey Jack - Cliff Drive needs to try this.

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There is so much that can be said, but I'll just leave the link.


Mike Hyzer:
Yeah right. They'd be stolen, cooked, and eaten within a couple days. Goat meat is a favorite of both the African and Mexican folks in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Oh gosh Mike, I'm giggling with so much I could write to poke and prod.

Have a good day bro.

This is actually a really great thread over on DGCR.....I want a goat.  First to do some lawn trimming, then for Christmas dinner.

the somalian tradition of a roast goat feast is part of drivers license celebration. Hispanic culture uses goat's milk to mako the queso. in Scotland, yes they are used for upkeep of golf fairways.

 this is the SGF<Scottish Goatkeepers Federation> Club Constitution                 

 Our aims are to circulate knowledge and general information about goats. We try to extend and encourage the keeping of all breeds and types of goats and to further the improvement of all breeds of goats.

 We do our utmost to try to protect goats against cruelty from any source, whether it be intentional or unintentional.

 We encourage the production of milk, meat, fibre in different breeds of goats, but we also recognise that goats are often kept for other reasons e.g. harness goats, greenskeepers or simply as pets.

 We keep members in touch with goat health developments and government legislation affecting goat keepers. We offer support and advice in goat keeping matters, in addition to that given on the BGS Website.

 We can supply forms for goat registration from the club secretary or these can be downloaded from the BGS Website. Goats can be registered with the BGS through ourselves as an affiliated society- contact the secretary for details.


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