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The last daylight league was last Monday.

We will kick off GLOW next Monday (October 7th) at Lakeside Hills. We will draw partners at straight up 6:00. Please be signed up by 5:45.

GLOW starts Monday, October 7th at Lakeside Hills!

Where is glow this month?

Next Monday, January 27, and for the rest of the Winter, GLOW will be held at Prairie Center.

Draw partners at 6:00. Be signed up by 5:50.

ACE fund is at $205.

Tonight, 02-10-14, with the continuing Arctic chill and snow cover, I am canceling GLOW.

Warmer weather is coming...... let's try it again next week.

For Spring, is this going to be the schedule?

--- Quote ---League will be rotating monthly, not weekly.

League will be as follows:

Lakeside Hills in April, June and August
Prairie Center in May, July and finishing the season in September.
--- End quote ---


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