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09-23-13 PC MINI


The final daylight KCFDC league in Olathe was on this night. Thanks to all the players that came and played this year.

There were twelve players and with all in the ACE fund increased to $433, which is what the ACE fund will be for PC in the Spring of 2014.

OPEN (eight)

Bryan Guthrie        49 for $12
Beckett Carduff      56 for $4
Mark Albers            56 for $4
Brian Taylor            56 for $4
Jose Ossa               57
Brian Hilbers           59
Scott Reek              59
Leevarn Sarvis        62

MASTERS (four)

Tom Butler              52 for $8
G-$                         53 for $4
Dan Zink                 58
Deano                     62



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