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baskets moved


moved 4 baskets today:
 2 long (cubby)
 12 short
 16 long
 17 long (right)
will move some more in a couple of weeks. have fun!

moved four more today:
 1 short
 7 long (next to pond)
 9 long (to the right)
 11 short (to the right)
will move more in a couple weeks. go out and enjoy this weather! the course looks beautiful.

four moved, again:
 2 short (left)
 4 long
 6 short (right)
 14 long (left)
the leaves are really starting to fall out there. the beast is getting ready for hibernation.

five moved today, oooo la la
 3 long
 5 long (left)
 10 long
 13 long
 18 long
seems like the leaves are almost all gone. the openings are coming back. get out and love some trees.


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