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We weren't pulling in the numbers so I'm cancelling it.  I think having 3 different glow leagues across the city on Tuesday diluted the available player pool. 

I am thinking next year if I put up a couple flyers or something we should be able to pull in some of the locals that don't currently frequent this site.

Is there some type of GLOW instructional league or could we have one.  It sounds quite interesting but I have never attended one and do not have a clue what it entails or what I need to bring along. 

I'll give you a run down.

What you will need:

3-5 discs that you feel comfortable throwing and that you think will give you every shot you throw.
Either LED lights, Glow Sticks(small), or Glow discs(You will need a UV light for these).
Duct Tape (other tapes work but Duct is the way to go)

That's it. Show up to league at least 30 minutes early and ask someone how the best way to attach the lights to your discs. Most people are cool and will help you out.

Know the course you're playing...WELL, in daylight.   8) 
The trees disappear at glowtime...and in many more ways than one!   8)  :D

Oh, and more than likely, your discs with a glow~light attached will fly a bit more understable...well maybe more than a bit at times.


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