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3 judge classic softs white 176
Atlas light green with gold rim 177
Biotruth dirty orange 179
River white misprint 176
SS nuke pink unknown weight(feels max)

Atlas, river, and judges have no ink

I'm looking for some bag straps or wardens.
Other offers welcome except for glow sticks, masks, stickers

Kelly Markum:
I have a set of Fade gear straps still in pretty good condition.

The Nailerâ„¢:
I have a black marker to offer in trade for that pink Nuke SS.

I will figure out a trade for the Atlas.

Bring them Sunday.  I'll bring my new, unthrown, City of Ftns yellow stiff Warden.

I may be interested in:

Biotruth dirty orange 179 - what model?  Biofusion Truth?  If so, most definitely interested.
River white misprint 176

Or, if you just want to buy my Warden, $5?


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