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Kelly Markum:
Me & buddy are playing the Yungle tonight & he is way too easy of competition so anyone else want to join us & play for tags?

Hahaha! You had one good round and now you think you've mastered the course! I see double digits in your future tonight!...and a 274 tag too!

Kelly Markum:
HA!!! So i was finally able to call you out of the old interwebz...6pm for anyone else who wants to witness a spanking

Yeah let's post on the forum and then not show up!

Well Kelly that was a truly underwhelming performance you had out there tonight. At least your trash talking game was on point cause your DG game wasn't at all. The only spanking  I saw was your discs slaming in to all those trees...poor things. I do have to say tag number 277 looks really good on you though, but even that tag doesn't really reflect how bad you stunk it up out there tonight. Looking forward to the next Round!


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