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Bill the TD:
I played Little Blue Valley Sunday morning and the course is in really pretty nice shape.  The fairways are all mowed with the exception of hole 14.  That area has been mowed it was just not as short as the other fairways.  The course is still set for Big Blue so I just played to the empty sleaves to get in some practice.  The only problem that I noticed was that the sleave for hole 12 is bent.  Something hit it hard enough to bend the sleave and crack the concrete.  Eveything else looked like move the baskets and we are all set for City of Fountians. 

Peter Bures:
Agreed. I played Big Blue this Saturday and was very pleased. The fairways are mowed beautifully.

The only thing I can think of is that there is only like one trash can on the whole course; not sure what's happened to them.

white mccoy:
I heard that Hole 1, 2, 6, and 11 were all missing from someone who played Saturday.  Is this true?  Are we missing even more baskets out there now?

Bill the TD:
The only missing baskets I saw were 2 & 6.  1 is set for long so it was clear over the hill by the road.  As for the basket on 11 I played it.  Unless they were taken after 3pm on saturday we should be OK.

Baskets will be in by this weekend.  Sleeves have been replaced from the stolen baskets.  We will probably be using the RED baskets from Swope for the City of Fountains, and should have all the placements in.

Remember you play:
3-Short top of the hill-go to pad just due south of the short basket
4-to original from the short pad
6-Short (I believe, but uncertain which location basket will be set)
8-Short pin
9-Short top of the hill then to ALT PAD
(Now this is where the numbering changes)
10-Short alt pad in the woods to the original #9 basket
11-Skipping original pad #10 you go to the short alt pad past the trees and play to #10 basket
12-Play from 11 tee pad by shelter to SHORT basket in front of tree line
13-Go to pad behind wall of trees and play over, through, under, to #11 original basket
14-Playing across fairwa of original #13, you go to the crest of the hill and the basket is diagonal to the NE from the pad
15-Walking SE and up hill behind bushes to alt pad you play to #13 original basket
16-Original #14
17-Original #15
18-Original #16

Alt Pads are all the same style, the "Big Course" has the bigger pads contoured for the land, the alt pads are placement pads for this course alone.  Sorry for the delay on having all the things put together, but after conversations last night, I can concur that it will be done by this weekend.

I appreciate your patience.


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