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Dynamic Disc Lost and Found Google Doc

Thought this may help

Holy crap that's a lot of lost plastic!   :o

My 2 cents, anything over 12, 18, 24 months, whatever, should be given away to charity.  Boys / Girls clubs, military overseas, various orphanages / missions such as:

Not one is mine . . .

Greg, Thank  you for the list!!!

I agree that 6-12 months after the second call, the disc should be donated or sold to support the time/effort/storage space that 850+ discs require. If I turn a disc in to DD it usually after I have called the person and let them know I was dropping it off. So their 2nd call is probably 3rd or 4th call.

Thanks again to DD for helping out with this.

and yeah...not a one was mine.


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