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11-04-13 Lakeside Hills GLOW


The Kansas City Flying Disc Club Championship Tournament setup was played by the eight frisbee freaks in attendance. The temperature at tee off was 58 with very light South breezes all evening. Intermittent waves of fog was also experienced and enjoyed.

No ACE was hit so with all in the fund grows to $152.

Dick Parker & Brian Hilbers        52 for $25
Mark Albers & Dan Zink             54 for $15
Tom Butler & Deano                  56
Andy Lewis & Leevarn Sarvis    57

Come out to the Club Championships this weekend!  8)

how much time did the layout take to play?

It can be easily played in less than 2.5 hrs in a group of 4, provided few go into the rough.


--- Quote from: jamidanger on November 05, 2013, 06:11:29 PM ---how much time did the layout take to play?

--- End quote ---

In foursomes, playing GLOW dubs, with extreme beer allocation, we started at 6:05 and finished at 8:14.


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