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Down Under League 11/2/13


30 people started out the season on a difficult DU layout. Jo'Manda smoked the field to take home $100. The rest were well....... This week will see a much friendlier track with mucho ace runs. Remember sign up at 12:30pm. Everyone will tee off by 1:00pm. Park in the back lot and walk down to #9. For the folks who showed up a little late last week, get ahold of someone (like me) to get your names entered before cards are drawn. Once cards are drawn it is too late. Ummm Frank and them. Payout $100/$60/$40/$25/$15. Ace $265 Club $499.

-7Jo'Manda     -7
Jose/Arturo -5

Something screwed up with complete post. I'll correct it later.


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