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So, I must admit I have a vested interest in promoting this event. This lies on two fronts; I like to collect collectable and great throwing discs, and I hope the swap meet brings out more members, possibly new members, for the elections.

So dig deep in your closets and golf bags/bins and show up at 6:00 in the back room of the Westport Flea Market to buy, sell, or trade discs and disc related items.

Elections and BoD report starts at 6:45. This year’s KCFDC Bag Tags will be available too.

I am looking for any JK Pro Vals, anything CE but love CE Vals and Leopards, pearly Beasts, Leopards, and Eagles. 11x KC Eagles for throwers (Pro or Champ). SSS Wizards of any type and SS if they are truly Super Soft.

If anyone has a 2008 Ace Race disc (Nebula), I'd like it. Bar stamp Buzzzes and ten year anniversary Buzzzes go w/o saying.

What I have to offer; I have a selection of the above and lots of KCFDC tournament discs from the past 8 years or so. Most are white DX Rocs or Aviars (includes a gold 20th anniversary Aviar), but with good stamps. I am going to bring a number of first run discs, and an extensive and sexy Buzzz collection too.

I just bought a house, so it's all for sale. Looking to do more trades than sales, but I still appreciate some dough.

If I participate I will be expecting cash only. If I am offered the right number I will let go my Flying Eye Dancing Skeletons Classic Roc and Flying Eye marker. $250 would be nice. I have other discs I will have and willing to part with. I may trade but prefer cash.

Looking for 10x Eagles in exchange for US Dollars. Don't have much to trade but Ill bring a grab bag of stuff. First Run Nuke is about as good as it gets.

I might bring a box or 2 or some odds and ends... I might have a few gems in there, but mostly just looking to sell/trade throwers.


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