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30 foot lights

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My course that I work at has twenty one 30' lights that used to be in our old parking lot. We held onto them for about 5 or so years because we had thought about building a putt putt course on the corner of our property which never materialized. I am posting this here, because I thought what an awesome idea it would be to have a lighted course somewhere in the KC Metro. Yes it is a wild idea, maybe not economically feasible because of the concrete and wire that would need to be ran, but still an idea. My best thought would be on a 9 hole course (short) like little Blue Valley, or the first 9 of a course that isn't exceptionally hard like PC. The thing is i am not sure we can just give these away. It would have to go to "An organization" and we will not be responsible for the handling or shipping of these. I'm sure they would scrap for a decent price too so it would have to be a well organized thought with financial backing that has a purpose, not just to take to the scrap yard and reap the benefits. So for you course designers, Parks and Rec big hitters, and leaders of our awesome Disc community this is just one of those opportunities that you might want to consider. If seriously interested please DM me and i will get in contact with you. Thanks and let me know if i can provide any further information.


Thornfield or a private course might be interested in these.

True, but my assumption is that a private course probably doesn't want people playing in the evenings. I really think these could be utilized at a place like Swope where you could place these near a basket and not worry so much about the tee pad. I understand people love glow and this would take away from playing in the pitch black, but I also think that in daylight savings time you could utilize the course for a much longer period, or even in the summer when it is so blasted hot you could play in the evenings when it is cooler. Just a crazy idea...

Put em at Birdland

The Nailerâ„¢:
This guy is always keeping his eyes and ears open on how to better the sport.  No joke, you want this guy on the


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