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DiscDisc Byrd:
There's a new course in baldwin kansas. 18 hole course located at spring lake. Baskets are installed now. Tees to be put in next year sometime. Check it out!

that was quick

white mccoy:
I wonder if they made some of the changes we suggested, or if they just threw it in the ground.

Anyway, here is the location:


And Map, which is probably very close to the same.

DiscDisc Byrd:
Was out there tonight and trimmed a few trees. Basket was put inside the shelter on hole 10. Hole 11s basket was moved back under the two big oaks instead of out in the grassy road where the temporary basket was set. Hole 8 was shortened to under the 2 maple trees before you crossed the  entrance road. Other than that everything is how we played it in the tournament. Hole 13 still needs trees cut and trimmed. And path cut from basket 12 to tee area 13. I got holes 1, 2, 7, 14, 16 and 17  trimmed and ready to go.  Now if we could get the fairways mowed a little wider that would be great. Got some trimmed branches to still clean up on hole 7, got dark on me had to stop for the night. I will get back out there tomorrow or saturday and get that cleaned up. Other than that the course is coming together nicely.

The Nailerâ„¢:
Thanks Byrd for putting this together.  Looking forward to playing this southwest track.  Sounds like a plan.  The idea with the FTL is great, that way you can explain what you have going on out there and show us around.


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