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Down Under League 11/9/13


12 golfers braved the brutal conditions (62 degrees, no wind, lot'o'leaves) on a much tamer track than the week before. 47 won 11/2, 40 didn't even cash 11/9. If you didn't shoot in the 30's, no $$ for you. Shannan/YajD threw a 38 to take first on a day all 18 were birdie-able. We'll move some tee pads today to make things more interesting. I've been informed that I can't rate doubles rounds.......ha ha ha ha.... bugger off. Will someone finally shoot a 1100??

How about that awesome table that Kevin Corbett and TJ Ring built from scrap wood and hauled down to #9??? Wow.....

Ace $277/Club$511

1082 -16 Shannan/YajDravir
1070 -15 Corbett/WhoWisby
1059 -14 DK-Nox/Mike D'Open
1045 -13 Pete/NickWink
1028 -11 TJ Ringer/Fredley
1028 -11 BJ/DZ


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