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#7...half a throw easier now


Was out in the wind this morning and as I came up on 7 I discovered the three large fairway trees are just short stumps now.   They had been marked for removal earlier.  There are a few other trees still tagged on the course but these were the ones most impacting play.

noticed this as well.  Couple down on 10 as well with little impact to play.  7 should be kept in the long position or reconfigured after the tree removal.

also, the gaurdian was removed on 6...easy hole just got easier

Peter Bures:
I knew this would happen at some point, luckily it was after the Club Championships.

We're obviously going to have to either re-design certain chunks of the course or possibly just a hole or two.  I'll have to see how hole #6 looks but #7 almost surely gone.


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