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Rosedale Winter Wonderland December 8th

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Kevin Montgomery:

non sanctioned means you can have your saint Bernard and cognac monsieur?

Is Dwayne Bowel playing?

Peter Bures:
Since it's non-sanctioned can I play Rec?

December 8, 2013 Don't Forget to Check Out the Rosedale Winter Wonderland!

One Round Up Top, One Round Down Under.

All Ams Receive a Custom Stamp Disc With Art Work Done by KC's Own "Tattoo" Steve Drew.

There Will be an Additional $2 Ace Fund Available The Day Of.

Check in 7:30am-8:30am.

Additional Registration is Available Online at Dynamic Discs Website. Or You Can Register in the Dynamic Discs - Kansas City Store. Check Out the Links Below.

In Store Registration at Dynamic Discs Kansas City
2854 W47th St Kansas City, KS 66103

Online Tournament Registration

Course Review Link Rosedale Up Top

Course Review Link Rosedale Down Under

KCFDC Link for Rosedale Park


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