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For sale awesome disc
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:30:38 PM »
For sale on this site and soon to be on dgcr
shoot me an offer,

$50 Classic champ Roc-white with green stamp-10/10-171
$50 Classic champ Roc-white with red stamp-10/10-174
$25 Classic champ Roc-white with GSC 08 stamp-7/10 ink in rim-175
$25 Classic champ Roc-blue with wvo rainbow stamp- 8.5/10-174
$25 Classic champ Roc-Greenish yellow with purple stamp fading 7.5/10 174
$20 Classic star Roc-white with European open rainbow stamp-10/10-170
$25 Special Edition Valk-yellow with rainbow stamp- 10/10- 175
$22 Special Edition Valk-white with rainbow stamp- 8.5/10 few color blimishes- 175
$22 Special Edition Valk-white with raindow stamp- 8.5/10-174
$35 Champion Edition Firebird-greenish yellow with metallic stamp-6.5/10 faded ink, broken in and flys awesome-175
$22 Pearly champ Starfire-pink with 04 icebowl green stamp-10/10-175
$22 Pearly champ Starfire-pink with 04 icebowl purple stamp-10/10-175
$22 Pearly champ Starfire-blue with 04 icebowl red stamp-9/10-175
$22 Pearly champ Starfire-white with 04 icebowl red stamp-10/10-175

All the classic rocs are ontarios all the starfires seem to have the zipper top sound when finger nails drag across them.

Juan- txt me at 913-709-143five