KC Ice Bowl 2011 Recap

The 24th annual Ice Bowl produced some new twists to an annual gala that has been the haven to bring all disc golfers out from the warm confines of our homes and take it to the land again.

This year the KCFDC adapted a 2-day format with 2 rounds being made available on Saturday for those that want a little more structure, and the Sunday event still being that of a little chaos mixed in.  With over 300 people attending this year, the turnout was not as anticipated, but the hope is that we will see that number increase as the ease of playing on Sunday was appreciated by all who came.  We still managed to raise $3100 to the Bishop Sullivan Center this year, which brings our total contribution to the charity over $25,000.

We had over 30 types of chili with Nick Davis who had been runner up the last 2 years winning it this year.  Dean Machinery provided the power needed, and a big thanks to Richard Forrest for helping with that donation.  Van Spratford, Mark Stiles, Ben and Rhonda Crosby chipped in nicely to help out with the registration.  Drew Neitzel helped to move things around and keep us in power!  Dick Parker with the mini set up, Brad Berve, Steve Harris, James McLaughlin with setting up the course…and of course our very own Rick Rothstein owner of the Disc Golf World, and  brought the Ice Bowl idea to us all 25 years ago in Columbia MO.  Without the help of everyone this event would not happen.  We need more people to help so that this event continues to bring out some of the best times in disc golf!

Next year will feature this Saturday option again, and yes there will be mulligan’s available.  We will also next year require a tee time to be set on Saturday for one of the 2 rounds.  We will have a morning round, and early afternoon round you can sign up for, then just play the final 9 on Sunday afternoon and have fun with friends without having to play 5 hours for a round!  Sunday of course will still be a first come first serve type of format.

With the additional day of play there was considerable ease for those playing on Sunday to not have to wait on every hole.  There was still some delay, but overall it was good.  It was good enough so that Leo Daprato won the coveted Ice Bowl Champaign Bucket, and he only played on Sunday.  Some of you just didn’t but enough mulligan’s to take it from him…..some of you it just wasn’t in the cards!

Please help continue to support the local club by helping out in all areas.  We do great things for our community, and it doesn’t stop at the Ice Bowl.  Get involved, help others make our sport better locally, and in turn we help it grow nationally!

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