25th Annual KC Ice Bowl Updates

Here are the latest updates from Rick Rothstein about this weekend’s Ice Bowl event.  We’d also like to get a ‘crock pot’ count for the chili contest. If you’re planning on bringing chili let us know in the comments below or contact Rick at Disc Golf World.


 25th Annual KC Ice Bowl Updates For This Weekend

Thanks to the 150+ players who have already signed up for this weekend’s 25th Annual Kansas City Ice Bowl.  At the end of this post is a list of the people who are playing on Saturday.

Just a quick reminder of how the Kansas City Ice Bowl works…

The main purpose of the event is to have fun and to raise some money to help fight hunger in Kansas City. Towards this end, at least $8 of each entry goes to our charities–Harvesters and Bishop Sullivan. We also raise charitable funds by selling mulligans which can be used during the first round. We also raise money on Sunday with the lunchtime Closet-to-the-Pin Contest. Donated prizes for this event include, so far, a DISCatcher Traveler Portable Target, a two-tone PDGA Bag, hockey tickets, a disc golf bag, and discs. We’re hopeful that players will be donating other items.

Some good news is that there will be beer available at Ice Bowl again this year on Sunday, thanks to Bucky and the 23rd Street Brewery. A small donation, earmarked for our charities, will be requested.

We’re hopeful that Sunday’s chili contest will once again feed everyone. Please bring some chili. It’s free to enter the contest and you might even win a prize. If chili is not your thing, side dishes and desserts are always welcome. The Kansas City Flying Disc Club will be providing soft drinks. crackers and chips, and utensils and bowls.

There is competition at Ice Bowl, and here’s how it works…

Those who want to play the second round with a chance to win a disc, must post an 18-hole score from either Saturday or Sunday morning. We will sort the scores from low to high, and put players on cards for the final nine. Both the top and bottom courses will be used. The player with the best 27-hole score on each card will win a disc. The player with the best 27-hole score overall will be the KC Ice Bowl Champion and will add his name to the traveling trophy that he’ll keep for the year.

As in year’s past, we’re expecting 300-400 players to be involved with Ice Bowl. We encourage you to preregister before 5 p.m. on Friday at Disc Golf World. We can also take your registration over the phone at 816.471.3472.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. The weather forecast is pretty sweet: partly cloudy and temps in the upper 30s to low 42s. The usual Ice Bowl rules apply. The event will not be postponed because of weather. No wimps and whiners are allowed, and there are excuses for not supporting the KC Ice Bowl.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.

Rick Rothstein
TD, KC’s 25th Annual Ice Bowl

Saturday’s Schedule
10 am Round
 8:15 – 9:20 – Check in.  Let us know you’re here, buy mulligans, CTP tickets, clothing.
9:45: Players’  Meeting
10:00: Tee off

1:30 pm Round
8:15 – 12:50 – Check in. Let us know you’re here, buy mulligans, CTP tickets, clothing.
1:15:  Players’  Meeting
1:30: Tee off

Sunday’s Schedule
8:00 – 10:30: Registration. Check in and scorecard pick-up.
8:00 – 10:30: Form your own group of no more than 5 players, and play an 18-hole round. You can play either course–Original or Downunder.
Noon – 2:00: Lunch is served. CTP contest. Group photo.
2:15: Players’ meeting.
2:30: Nine-hole round. Holes and groups will be assigned.
4:00: Awards and prizes and salutations.   

Saturday’s Players
If your name is on neither of the lists means that you are either  playing Sunday or didn’t put your preference on the form or aren’t playing at all. If you want to secure a spot on Saturday, please contact me at 816.914.0094. Also, some of you are on both lists. If you can let me know which round  you are intending to play, that would help.

The field for each round on Saturday is capped at 108 players (6 per hole.) We will strive to accommodate all requests for people to play with whom they want to play with.

10 am Saturday
Austin    Amerill
Caleb    Berciunas
Harold    Berciunas
Matt    Bergkamp
Albert    Boettcher
Jim    Burcham
Chris    Carr
Pete    Cashen
Vince    Como
Travis    Daetwiler
Steven    Dickman
Steve    Drew
Pete    Engleman
BJ    Font
Sean    Fountain
Graham    Fox
Cecil    Freeze
Kyle    Gardner
Steve    Glover
DeCody    Gueltzau
Bryson    Kahane
Joseph    Hernandez
Juan    Hernandez
Caleb    Jarrett
Earl    Johansen
Ted    Keith
Lee    Killian
John    Kimbrell
Ian    Kloiber
Brad    Lake
Kelly    Markum
Jason    McEwen
William    Mersman
Mark    Mills
Bill    Neenan
Ryan    Nibert
Steve    Pfost
Mike    Quiroga
Bill    Shinoski
Eric W    Smith
Van    Spratford
Jon    Thomas
Mike    Thomas
Tony    Troxel
Bob    Ward
Andrew    Warren
Nick    Winklebauer
John    Wyman

1:30 pm – Saturday
Dustin    Almand
Josh    Anderson
Caleb    Berciunas
Harold    Berciunas
Thom    Bristow
Jim    Burcham
Chris    Carr
Steve    Carr
Joshua    Collins
Kevin    Corbin
Chase    Cooper
Ben    Crosby
Rhonda    Crosby
Matt    Crutcher
Brandon    Deerr
Tom    Demark
Sean    Elliott
Justin    Gardner
Sean    Gibson
Bryan    Hardin
Billy    Harmon
Kristian    Harmon
Carl    Harris
Pearson    Harris
Jerry    Harvey
Dan    Howard
Caleb    Jarrett
Eric    Kolkmeier
Bret    Long
Jack    Lowe
Cory    Lucas
Levi    Malottki
Chris    Mangiaracina
Frank    Mangiaracina
Joseph    Mangiaracina
Jason    Meyer
Jake    Nelson
Jeff    Ozorkiewicz
Zach    Ozorkiewicz
Jody    O’Keefe
Danny    Rodriguez
Ashlyn    Rozean
Michael    Ryan
Terry    Seek
Michael    Tayor
Demian    Vela
David    Vowiell
Andrew    Walters
Dale    Walters
Mary    Walters
Sean    Wright
Dan    Youngblood
Suzie    Zell

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