29th Kansas City Wide Open Needs YOU!









We need as much help as we can to continue to make this event one of the best anywhere. Below is a list of ways you might be able to help. If everyone helps a little, then the handful of people who make these events possible will not have to work as hard.

10 Ways to Help the 2011 Kansas City Wide Open Be Outstanding

  1. Be a sponsor. At a minimum, buy an Innova Candy Fundraising disc with the KCWO logo on it for $30. Or consider buying an ad in the program (from $50 and up), a tee sign ($120), or if you want to spend more, there are other options. See sponsorship options
  2. Find a sponsor. Maybe you own a company or know of a company that might be interested in sponsorship. Sponsoring the KC Wide Open is a great way to show your pride in Kansas City Disc Golf. 
  3. Clean up the courses. When workdays are scheduled to spruce up the courses for our out-of-town visitors, please do your share. You can always help at any time by picking up trash and deadwood, and checking with the course coordinator about other things that need to be done.
  4. Calling all artists and/or writers. We have one logo, but would like to have a nice selection of custom discs and other goodies to sell. Submit some artwork. Anybody interested, or able to help create the sponsorship proposal, or the tournament program.
  5. Are you a printer or know one who might want to help out? Printing is a sizable expense for the tournament. We print sponsorship proposals, scorecards, course information sheets, tournament programs, scoreboard cards, and variety of other small jobs. Finding a printer who could give us a discount in exchange for some advertising would be great.
  6. Food, drink, and ice for players. We would love to supply fruit, bagels, and possibly soft, fruit, and/or energy drinks each day of the tournament at each course. Maybe you have a lead to getting these items in exchange for sponsorship or at cost or at a discount.
  7. Not playing? Then, how about staffing? If you can help staff the event full or part time, please call at once. We’ll need people to check scorecards, post scores, put up and take down banners, keep water on the courses, move baskets, spot, etc.
  8. Everyone is on call Sunday. Sunday is the big day in which we hope to have a large enthusiastic gallery for the final nine at Swope. We will have the course looking immaculate—complete with banners, signage, and gallery rope. We hope to have at least one food vendor, and also a beer tent. We will be soon be running contests and passing out flyers that will encourage more casual golfers and possibly the non-disc golf public to come out and enjoy the show and the fun. We’ll be trying to get the media out on Sunday as well.
  9. Maybe you know someone . . . who could help us get better media coverage, who could videotape the final round, who’s a good photographer, or who could make and sell food on Sunday.
  10. Be great hosts and great sports people. The KCFDC is the host of the Kansas City Wide Open. While we have lots of extracurricular fun in the works each of us should go out of our way to make each visitor’s trip to KC as pleasant as possible. For players, staff, and spectators, this also includes being knowledgeable about the rules and etiquette of tournament play, and for players, consummate professional behavior at all times.
More Info on the event can be found here: 29th Kansas City Wide Open

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