LION’S DEN OPEN 2011 @ Cliff Drive

2011 Lion’s Den Open


You are invited to yet another great year of the Lion’s Den.  Dick Parker and Jack Lowe’s attempt to thank the mother earth for a great place to play disc golf, and a chance to show off one of Kansas City’s disc golf courses.  We hope to make this another great event, but it takes you to make that happen.  The timing will be from ~10am-dark, we ask that you get your first round of disc golf started no later than 1:00 for the “Big course” and that you start the mini round no later than 3:00.  The First band will begin ~11:30, with DJ Critter on the tunes before the event, and in between bands.  Parking will be tough, but hey its a great time!

The bands will start ~11:30, and will all play for about 2 hours after a 45 minute break or so between bands.  Food is scheduled to be happening ~ 11:30-1 and then from 5:30-7:00.  Mini Doubles will start ~5:30.  There will be an 18 hole mini course around the venue for us to enjoy as well!  Help is needed in all areas, if you think that you can help, we will gladly take your compassion to help a LION out!
I’d like to thank our sponsors:
Eagle Shirts–
Piropo’s Restaurant–
23rd St. Brewery–
Innova Discs–
Kansas City MO P&R–
Arnold Palmer Tee–
Disc Golf World–
Cliff Drive Corridor Committee–
Pendleton Heights Neighborhood association–
Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood–
I only request that you plan on having a great day in the park.  This will be the 9th year of the “Lions Den” Birthday event.  It started out with 17 of us playing golf in the hot sun, and has grown to over 100 people playing and enjoying a day in the park.  We ask that you be mindful of the park and respect the land accordingly.  There is construction going on in the park around the area of the disc golf course, so please wear shoes that can handle elevated climbing.  The course will be set in a configuration that will avoid the traffic areas for other people enjoying the park to watch the air show, maps will be provided at the registration booth.  This area will be located by current hole #8 for those of you coming for the first time.  You may of course forward this invitation to anyone, and we ask that all LEO’s come with their PACK ready to have a good time.  
This is a celebration of our birthday’s yes, but more importantly every year this is a celebration of our efforts to reclaim the park that was not being used for many years before for appropriate activity.  Our efforts over the last decade have helped to transform this park into a great place to enjoy nature, and that is the true winner, our community thanks those that have given their time to make this a great place to play now.
Entry gets you the food, custom disc, a shirt, and the bands and drink.  Bring a chair to enjoy the bands as well, you know its a great time.  You will be playing 1 round on the “big course” with 3-4 divisions having a trophy for the winner, and then we will crown a “Cub Champ”-winner of the Mini course as well.  It’s a leisure affair on the rounds, where you can play with whom you want or we will pair you up with a new person to meet out of the PACK.
The bottom line, this event is about fun and showing off a great part of Kansas City that has historically not received as much acclaim, we feel after the event you will understand why love and affection went into the park by the disc golfers, and more so, why it took a LION to move this along!  Now it takes a pack to keep it moving!
Come be a part of a great day in Kansas City, and make some great memories!

Check out the Program for this years event!  2011 LDO Program Flyer

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