It’s a Love Your Courses Weekend – Weed Wacking Parties and More…

It’s a Love Your Courses Weekend – Weed Wacking Parties and More…

We are making the final push to have the courses looking great for our out of town guests and next weekend’s Kansas City Wide Open.  Any amount of time you can give will be appreciated whether is an hour or or several hours.  There are little things that you can do like tee signs, putting up new flags or paint OB lines, help spread mulch.  How about doing some weed whacking or clearing a pile of debris?

It’s all happening this weekend: Saturday June 8 at Rosedale or Water Works and Sunday June 9 at Swope.

The KCFDC will bring lunch and beer for all volunteers!

Saturday June 8  @ Water Works

  • Weed and mulch peace sign on #4
  • Clean out trenches on #5
  • Clean up fairway #9
  • Remove downed limbs
  • Rake out drainage beds
  • Replace flags
  • Paint O.B. lines
  • Stain marquee and map

Please bring gloves, rakes,  shovels, hoes, chainsaw if you have them.

Larry Childers from the Briar Cliff Community Alliance will also be in attendance at Waterworks.  There are quite a few improvements being spoken of for Waterworks.  Please introduce yourself and let Larry know how much you enjoy the park if you have a chance!
Contact: Ben Crosby


Saturday June 8  @ Rosedale

It’s a Weed Wacking Party at Rosedale!

Please bring Weed Wackers, gas and string. We’ll be starting at 8:30 am.  A few people will also be spreading dust in front of a few tee pads and we will have the shovels and buckets for that task. Out of Bounds Lines will be marked that day also.

Click here for the full Weed Wacking Party Plan

Contact: Mike Petrin or Pete Cashen.


Saturday June 8 @ Blue Valley

Contact: Jack Lowe


Sunday June 9  @ Swope

9 am to 12 pm

Course is looking good but still lots of mulching to do and painting OB lines. Bring gloves, rakes, shovels and trucks to haul mulch if you have them. Be first to check out Swope Gold!

Contact: Eric Kolkmeier


Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

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