KCFDC Summer Leagues


2011 Summer Leagues

This year’s 2011 summer league season will kick off on April 1st and run through September 30th.

This year, Cliff Drive will move to a Sunday league at 5:00, while Swope will move to Monday at 6:00.  All other leagues will remain on the same day.  This year the club will also be returning more money to the players by lowering league fees from $1.50 to $1.

But perhaps the largest change to this year’s season will be the addition of a Pro 2 division at the league director’s discretion. Any male division requires 3 participants.  The Pro1 (or Open) will charge $7 with a 33% payout.  Women, Pro2, and age protected divisions will charge $5 with a 40% payout.  Am1 (or Advanced) will charge $5 with a 50% payout, while Am2 (or Intermediate) will chart $5 with a 60% payout.  A $1 discount will be given to KCFDC members, and, as always, there’s an optional $1 ace fund.

We’ve had a number of new people step up to volunteer to run leagues.  Please be patient with them, and assist them whenever you can.   Kansas City has had a long history of successful summer leagues.  We hope to see many of our club members out making 2011 as great as year’s past.

Click Here to check out the KCFDC 2011 League Calendar

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