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Title: Down Under League 12/10/16
Post by: Yaj.Dravir on December 17, 2016, 09:36:10 AM
A balmy 35 degree day brought out 24 golfers. Kevin W. mainlined #12 for an ace worth $50. Nice shot! Leo and JonO tied Nickand Nicody at -11 to split $140. Nice rounds! Today will be interesting. Snow is predicted to start around 1pm, so we get the rare opportunity to play a DU League round during a fresh snow. This has happened maybe 2 other times in 16 years. We've played plenty of rounds with snow already on the ground, but only a few with the snow starting as we play. The last one was in January 2008. I'm a weather geek and keep worthless information like that. 16 people played that day. Today will be the same course as last week since the baskets are frozen in situ right now. We'll move some of the tee pads though. Dejais le nevar, dejelo nevar, dejelo nevar!

$90/50/30/22 Ace $49 Club $130 (3 aces have been hit so far this season, paid in cash)

-11 1046 LeO/JonO
-11 1046 Nick/Nicody
-10 1037 Shane/WestsideJOe
-10 1037 Coooop/Leeee
 -9  1025 TanQ/Jose (dream team gets the bronze)
 -8  1016 Paul/FranQDreamWeaver
 -8  1016 OldPikeMike/Yaj
 -6   997 BenH/Cody
 -6   997 DannI/LSUJeff
 -5   985 Kitz/Kitz
 -5   985 KevinW/Jordan
 -2   958 FredF/TinQ