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9.7 wandering Wednesday at BV
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:03:00 AM »
The Return of Wandering Wednesday heads to Big Blue Valley in Kansas City today.  The course is in a modified setup and that's what we will play...  a kind of combination of the big course and inner course.  NOT the executive course.

1.  Middle
2.  Short
3.  Short
4.  Play from inner course teepad to 4 basket
5.  Regular
6.  Regular
7.  Regular
8.  Regular
9.  Short
10.  Play from inner course teepad to 10 basket, which is currently in 9 middle
11.  Play from inner course teepad, to the right downhill from 10 basket, to 11 flag in the grove through the picket fence
12.  Regular pad across 12 and 13 fairway to inner course basket with 12 flag
13.  Inner course teepad to 13 flag, which is in the regular position
14.  Regular
15.  Regular
16.  Regular
17.  Regular
18.  Regular

From what I could tell, all the regular holes have the baskets in the short configuration, at least for the most part.  We are playing to the flags, not red baskets.

Jack Lowe or Doug Keehler can correct me if any of the above is incorrect.  I believe this is the configuration that the NE PDGA league used a while back.

I will roll cards of 3 out starting at 5, last card out at 530.  2.5 hours to get this configuration in is pushing it I imagine, but we can do it.  No dawdling!

$5 for kcfdc members, $6 for nonmembers.  Add a buck for the ace fund.
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