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NPL results 6/1/2017
« on: June 02, 2017, 08:36:11 AM »
New Player's League hit a new high for the year with 27 players out last night.  Including at least 5 faces I'd never seen out there before.  CTP was used to teach a quick lesson on rollers.  Thanks to Brian P and Aaron S for their teachings on that.  Aaron won the CTP and donated his win to Chris E and Theresa E.  He then donated from his personal stash an Atlas, a Shield, and a Destroyer to help these brand new players round out their bags.  What can I say?  Aaron's just a great guy.  Full results are in the spreadsheet as always.

On a side note, I want to clarify a few things about New Player's League both at Pleasant Hill and Rosedale.  New Player's League is open to everyone and is always free.  It's meant to be a friendly place for people to improve their game, get some pointers, give some pointers, and hang out with like-minded people.  While NPL doesn't play a full formal set of rules, we do try to teach full tournament rules in case a new player decides to compete in a formal environment.  Since I hadn't taken the time to do so this year, I'm going to list the generalities of NPL rules. If you have any questions, you can always ask me.

In no particular order:
1) All OB and mandos are in play unless the League Coordinator (that's me) calls it otherwise.

2) While we aren't a competitive league we do keep score, tracking all throws and penalty strokes.  We do this so that people can see how they are doing and so that new players can learn how to record scores.

3) Tags can be in play on card if the players on that card agree before the round starts.  The LC will NOT settle on-card tag disputes because those were personal agreements.

4) Since we are attempting to teach, penalty strokes are not assessed for foot-faults, scoring errors, or other general rules violations.  However, we will take the opportunity to show what was done wrong and how to correct it for formal play.  We sometimes allow a second shot for learning purposes.

5) No one is to be made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.  We have players of all skill levels.  The round may be longer than normal as a new player is coached.  It's just part of this league.

6) If you are a new player coming out, the LC is going to attempt to card you with one of the best players available.  This is done intentionally to teach.

7) We also play and teach disc golf etiquette rules.  Furthest disc plays first, quiet on the tee box, etc.  Although for pace of play "ready golf" may sometimes be used, in general be courteous to each other.